The world at large is not yet ready to accept the fact that homosexuality is a thing that exists and there's nothing anyone can do about it beyond accepting it. There's no way they would have been able to get away with anything more than they did. Not on Nick. They did an amazing job, all things considered. » 12/20/14 5:18pm Yesterday 5:18pm

That last scene is pure brilliance. It's just ambiguous enough. It made the Korrasami ship happy, and allows just enough room for others to view it as two (extremely) close friends. It allowed them to get away with showing it on a channel largely targeted at children, where a kiss scene or something similar would most… » 12/20/14 5:05pm Yesterday 5:05pm

The problem is that all that sounds great on paper, but in practice it falls short. The limitations of modern MMOs are what make them so successful. A game with everything you listed would never have an identity, it would be impossible to balance, it would be a nightmare to maintain and people would drop it quickly… » 10/21/14 4:54pm 10/21/14 4:54pm